Nadie es consciente de que la flamenca de Whatsapp tiene derecho a un mal día   No one notices that the flamenco dancer from Whatsapp has the right to have a bad day     
   Magritte sans ponme de terre.       Sans temps de rien faire.      Mais Magritte malgré tout.        
 Play Station mood   
 Voy a tener suerte /  I'm feeling lucky
 Por fin, su oportunidad! La chica de las cejas grandes no tenía paraguas.  Pero él era muy alto y ella se mojó. Pero no importó porque a ella le dio igual.   
 In love with Pau   
 -  Yeah...but she wasn't well shaved. Male conversations in women's minds    
 Peor que una película de terror. Lunes.   Worst than a terror movie. Monday    
 En qué momento se convirtieron en sinónimos?   Not doing anything wrong = Doing things well > GENIUS    
 Las medidas, la plancha, las cortinas, la pareja y el Domingo      
 And here you can see the portrait of the man who figured out what life was about and laughed himself to death   
 Los principios siempre dan miedo /  Beginnings are always scary    This is...the beginning       
 Ganan (al final de la película) /  They will win (at the end of the movie)    
 Collective Hangover. Some friends, a night to remember and no money for the pizza.   
   Anestesia local   /  Local anesthesia    - What I See is the  ribcage?       - Don´t joke.
 Sombreros y bigotes /  Hats and moustaches    
 After Hours   
 El escritor /  The writter
 Claro! / Sure!    
  This person is happy. It's Fryday morning    This person starts to suspect. Friday 12:00    This person is even more suspicious. The problem is coming    "How can I avoid the problem?" Friday 15:00    This person wants to kill. The problem is here!    This person is having an existencial crisis. The problem is all around.    This person remembers he wanted to be an astronaut, he relativizes and run!    This person is happy.    
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