Long life to Salmorejo    
  Bread's anatomy    
 Y seguir...      
  I didn´t lost it. They stole it from me.    
  I burn    
  I drown     
  I fall    
  I go out    
 What is this?   
 Friday I feel free (with Cream)   
  Headphones. Almost always WITH music because they put a OST to a regular day. Sometimes WITHOUT music because they save us not appealing conversations.    
  How much is the kilo of ideas?    
  My freedom - Our conscience - Your freedom    
  Oh, you don´t have to cry...summer is a festival and pain goes away singing (and dancing)    
 Esperando algo...cualquier cosa...   
 Conversación /  Conversation    
  New York, New Work?    
  Me against the curtains.    Which strings should I pull to get it down? and where to?    
  School is cool    
 El poder lo tiene la gente /  People have the power    
 Doing (Hacer) is written with H from today (Hoy) and today (Hoy) and me (Yo) are only different on the H from doing (Hacer)   
 No tengo ni idea de qué estoy haciendo pero a tinta todo parece mejor   
 ¿Debemos rezar o debemos actuar?   
  Joke that old people make to the kids    
 Slowly and carefully (with good handwriting)   
  We should make love for a better world    
 No muerdo...  I'm a piranha but I don't bit    
 Mourir pour toi ou avec toi   
  Mothers boast too:    Quality-Money    Not a word<She says something<She repeats to you several times "it´s qute is´tn it?"<She just asks "Guess how much<SHE CALLS HER SISTERS    
 Me parece...   
  Ink problems    
 Tú...yo? ahora qué?  Tú e...res tan guapa? Gracias!  Tú y m...i perro no os lleváis bien? Lo intento! (no lo suficiente)  Tú y yo s...omos una de esas parejas con nada que hacer o decir al otro? Mmm no...  Tú y yo en el correcto...lado?  (Se acabó el adivinar, eres demasiado mala)  Tú y yo en el momento justo, en el lugar adecuado...  No es buena suerte?  Buena Vida? Sí, lo  es.    
 Y tú de cuál eres?   
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